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Bootycall (Afromental)

Walking in the club, checking out yea what's going on what's that sound? x2 Looking all around I know it now Yea them hotties bounce don't be scared ma I'm a friend of ya I wanna grab that, squeze that, touch that breast Look at it when you shake your ass Babygirl do it fast, couse I might spend it on someone else Do that, shake that, bring that back Love it when I touch your neck Girl band-over show your crack made me feel like that I can hear your bootycall, your bootycall x4 I can hear ya girl I can hear ya Your booty calling I start to fall in love Your booty wants to It tries to show you So let'it do that Let it seduce me I can see you dance hey beauty take your chance Come on girl crump that ass if you need to I'll crump back x2 I'm looking at your jeans pants figuring how you fit that I wanna take it out bad So I can do the slap clap