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One Minute (Karyn White)

Love don't keep me waiting All alone Let me tell you what I need I'm anticipating My own prince From a Cinderella dream Then I looked up and there you were With a sweet love that rocked my world It felt like a fantasy Up until the day you had to leave me I needed more time I feel cheated One minute you came One minute you're mine One minute of life One minute you leave One minute I cry 'Cause with out your love One minute's too much Time just seems to stand still Seconds tick Each one like eternity Only you can free me From this jail Only our love holds the key I played with love and thought I'd win, But found out all good things must end I wish I would have known The seconds and the minutes and the hours It's all precious time, And I need one more night One minute seems so long, so long I can never do without Your lovin' cause it's so good, so good You make every minute of lovin' count, So hurry back home to me, And love me like you used to do I'm tellin' you I will not forget it I won't waste one minute of love