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Fighting For Our Country (Warzone)

I was just 17, life was coming down hard on me Friends dying, peer pressure rising I didn't know what would become of me Life in high school, it didn't seem to mean shit to me at all I got thrown out of my school I thought I was bad, I thought I was cool Back on the streets with my friends Hanging out all day and night - but inside I know I didn't feel it was right One day I woke up, I thought about my country I thought it would be a good way - make myself feel free Got to be free How can people be so stupid Always looking at the negative things Democracy means you got to be free A strong America for you and me Fuck the communists and the people who always put us down Because of them, fighting for our country, it mean so much to me Don't you know that they're liars They'll oppress you 'til you die My pride it stays right here Land of the free, land of the brave No other can come close with all out glory From coast to coast I know - all over the world You'll find good and bad They'll put us down They say we're fucked They'll never, never, never understand