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Free At Last (Warzone)

I found it years ago Trying to find it again But if I fail, I won't let it be the end I hear people say they have no faith in me Drink their alcohol smoke that dust Talk about me and their lives are fucked Time has come to do what's right Don't want to live dead and lose the fight Free at last- from the drugs I crave Free at last- from Alcohol's daze Free at last- from that P.C.P. Free at last- from insanity Free at last- From my fear Free at last- from all the tears Free at last- from the grave Free at last- now I'm saved So if I fall what will You do? Cause what I need's a friend in you I wonder if you'll laugh at me Or help me to stay drug-free But if you coose to walk away And come back another day I'll be gone to a better place On my own I'll win The race There are other friends who'll stick By me Side by side for Eternity But if I must be alone and do it all on my own I'll win the fight and that's for sure In my heart I'll stay pure Perseverance deep inside me A mission that's meant to be Fire burning in my soul Drug-free My life's goal