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Locked Out (Warzone)

so who the fuck do you think you are have you forgot the past when you first came around and you tried to fit in and be part of whats going on now who the fuck do you think you are cutting down kids that are new in the scene wont cut them no slack always kicking them in the back who the fuck do you think you are telling everyone how long youve been around wanting people to kiss your ass and every time there a show you come around acting like youre all king of the town so heres a wake up call for everyone like you cause now we all know youre not true all the lies you told, all you said in our scene forever youll be dead ive seen your kind every where i go and tall the troubles you cause at shows putting things down but youll never know all the shit you talked will one day blow in your face for all to see now you think youre better than me tell everyone youve been around for years that means nothing if no one hears so you say you want respect cause youve put in years of time but that means nothing if you dont hear the sounds all the kids screaming from the underground what will happen years from now when those kids are still around no one will care about you at all thats when youll take your big fall the tables are turning back now the kids are on the attack locked out no where to go youve been banned from all our shows