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We're The Crew (Warzone)

Thought it was cool to hang out Way back when You've changed your ways since then You got new friends Don't need me anymore Your new friends won't take your back When your head's to the floor The new crew is stronger than ever before Kids with strong hearts and minds of their own Maybe it's better you're not part of your crew Cause we don't need no more mindless negative fools like you We're the crew You say you're an individual You're really just a fool You've turned your back on the crew Someone's going down It ain't me - it's you You've got your nose in the air Your mind is to the ground You're searching for something The way you're doing it - it can't be found We're the crew You'll never know - all our pain We're the Crew - New York City We're the Crew - Skinheads We're the Crew - No Obsession We're the Crew - Straight Ahead We're the Crew - Positive Thinking We're the Crew - All Together We're the Crew - Can't You See We're the Crew - We Are Back We're The Crew