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Flatley's Crutch (The Mayfield Four)

Wide awake, it's six a.m. And you've got heavy eyes from heavy burdens Of a loss so loud you never sleep And you ask the Gods for their mercy Let it go, let it fade 'Cause you're stronger now That you've endured the pain Let it go, let it fade Don't run away Looking up from below Afraid you'll suffocate in the undertow And you're desperate as you've ever been So be careful now and don't you start caving in Don't you run away Don't you run away Damn this situation Your hero is a bottle and a line salvation The world stripped your callous skin And you're fucked up all the time Worn heart, weak and tender Is bruised and bleeds And you wanna surrender That's no excuse for you to go run away and hide Damn this situation Get off your fucking ass, if you wanna save it Or sit and rot away of you, don't want to survive