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Summertime (LaRue)

What have we done? We have lessened our thoughts on love Some say, there is as many as three But I believe that there's one for me One for me If God could make the stars in the sky Then why can't He make a perfect "you and I"? And we shouldn't even have to try Or compromise in our lives CHORUS And it will feel like summertime When I'm by your side, my skies are blue And I will feel this everytime Like oceans wide, my love for you My love for you I believe in the soulmate kind of dreams Where even in the trials, we'll say it's all worthwhile And in our lives there's an orchestra of things Both major and minor keys, but Love will always sing REPEAT CHORUS And through time, our hearts will melt and mold together You know, despite what people say I'll hold to the promise of that day forever REPEAT CHORUS