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Where Are They Now (Gene)

You said that I Should look to the future I've seen and I'll stay here I don't know why I am tied to the winter Can't find the time to live The smallest gentle gesture Keeps the enemy at bay All I needed was a word Where are they now? The sky seems a little lower But for that a normal day Do I ask too much Where are they now? You said that I Take more than I offer Yes, this is how I spend my time You'll come undone If you don't make the effort Seek and ye shall find So when disaster struck me No heart left to offend I only wanted friends Where are they now? Will you be there forever And say I'll never be without? Don't blame me for my doubt You see I cannot stand alone I'm incapable of breathing Incapable of love In my world Make it safe Take me home I'm incapable of breathing Incapable of love You said that I Should stop trying to call you You've had it up to here I know your sort But I just can't ignore you I'm lost in the fog