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Oh Well So What! (Dangerous Toys)

Who cares if I don't wear any underwear Oh well, if you don't like me I don't care So what, what the hell, who's got the time Who cares, if this line doesn't rhyme This guy walks up to me and turns to my left ear Says he loves the band and can he buy me a beer Says he knows this dude and he knows that dude Says he plays guitar, he's gonna get tattooed Oh well, so what, who cares I don't care Now I hate to be rude, I must end the conversation Just wasn't in the mood for ego masturbation His rap made me sick, his breath was really stale I was lookin' for the door, I think it's time to bail Oh well, so what, who cares I wasn't listening anyway Oh well, so what, who cares I don't care I was chasin' some poon, I mean I was in the hole Her panties up her ass, she was ready to go Could have been my imagination or it could have been true I had a lovely vision of me droppin' some goo Her engines were runnin' she was burnin' red hot And I don't give a damn if she's ready or not Man, I could just see her leavin' when I said let's take a chance Too bad I left my rubbers in my other pants Should I take a bath, smells like I'm stinkin' up to high heaven Oh well, so what Should I get a life, I just applied at the Seven Eleven Oh well, so what And if I change the world, I'll do it with a beer in my hand Oh well, so what Don't when I'm done, I'm gonna recycle that can I don't care I don't care