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Strange (Dangerous Toys)

I wake up in my room with a desire to dream Of unfamiliar places and faces, never what they seem I get up to do the zombie dance In my sleep a nocturnal chance I feel the rise of the beast in my head My mind is bleeding my eyes turnin' red Confusing faces of the people around Inducing graces never hearing a sound Back to the wall with a crazy head My mama's callin' for me My head goes bang, bang, bang I realize that I need to be Strange, deranged Nightmare master, black dog bastard Strange so strange Come into my world and be insane Now the voodoo queens are comin' after me They caught me playin' with their dolls Pins and needles prickin' my flesh Now I'm somewhere in pain nailed to the wall The wind of change has now blown me away I hear the growl of a pack of wild dogs I smell the rush of adrenalin blow I remember the cold cold feelin' of my I move my hands and fingers around like I'm about to cast a spell You ask the questions that make you wonder of the story I tell Unfamiliar places and faces, never what they seem