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That Dog (Dangerous Toys)

Here comes that dog again He bites me every now and then Foaming with misery He's covered with leather skin Bad to bones, lookin' for you Rabid to the core, bloody blue I call him Billy Blad His teeth cut, he's got tattoos yeah Don't call the doctor Don't call the priest I need some rock 'n' roll To live in the street Mama was a shotgun She was a winner, but never won We'll never own a lot Tell you somethin', man, ain't got no plot yeah That dog, he's in the fog But in the dark, he's a hungry shark That dog, that dog, watch his eyes turn white, get funky Back home in the woods Raised by canine Never learned the things I should Had to learn to stay alive Now that I live urban I have a lot more fun heh I might do something wrong But I know how to run, run away