Dynasty of Darkness (Ignitor)

A dynasty had grown From such a simple thing Many have tried to own What only death can bring What started out as good Corrupted over time Some perished where they stood Others began to climb Possess all you can Is the folly of man You cannot break free From this dark dynasty Descend the long stair That leads to nowhere There's no turning back You can't cry it's unfair Can't stop what's begun There's nowhere to run It can't be undone Young Helmut learned too late Who he should not believe A child's faith is great So easy to deceive He's just another limb A twisted family tree Free to prune or trim To serve another's need If vengeance is your guide You're lost before you leave If power is your bride Your lover will deceive A lesson learned too late Is not to learn at all To choose a hated fate To become hatreds' thrall An eye for an eye Until everyone's blind You cannot break free From this dark dynasty [Chorus]