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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Evil Calling (Ignitor)

(Herzig) Evil calling Spiders crawling Demons hiding Witches lying Doom won't rest In dark infest Devil's dawning Nightmares come to those who wait Unseen horror near Darkness falls to desecrate Shadows creep with fear Powers that be refuse to see Turning a blind eye Hopeless peasants beg for help As sons and daughters die Monsters come, quake with fear Pray for dawn, doom is near Light is failing, fear unveiling Blackness spreading Praying, dreading Evil hungers out of sight Waiting patiently Screams ring out in dead of night Nothing to be seen When dawn comes no bodies found Only blood splatters upon the ground Silken webs of those once bound And still no one believes Monsters come, quake with fear Pray for dawn, death is here