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I Hope He Kills You (Handguns)

I won't say “I hope your happy with him”. I promised myself this year I would tell the truth. I’ll pretend my heart’s not breaking. It’s taking everything I have not to call you back. I hope he breaks you down. The next time you call, I won’t be around. No one ever made me feel like you did and now I’m struggling to feel anything at all. It may sound mean like I’m not understanding. I understand it all too well and I hope that you fall. You’re always on the wrong end of the turnpike. I want to choke myself to death with the phone line. “Go your own way and I’ll be with you”, (FSF - Wearing Thin) but nothing that you ever say could make me hate you. Don’t want to laugh last, I don’t want to say “ I told you so”. I want you to call me back and say “I love you”, because I’ve got nowhere to go. These nights spent alone without you are dragging me down. Though I know that this seems bitter, It's how I get through these nights without you. I hope that this doesn’t come out wrong but I’d do anything to make you feel on top of the world, and I’ll still be here just like I have always been.