The Highway Is My Home (Lee Rocker)

Rollin down the highway and I’m feelin like I’m dead A hundred miles further, well I’ll stop and find a bed We've been ridin hard, we been rollin like dice We could a made it further but the highways filled with ice From New York up to Boston, hear the engine moan Until I make it back, the highway is my home I took off out of Kansas and the wind and rain blew The sky was gettin darker but who the hell knew Cuttin cross the prairie, spinnin like a top And it sounded like a freight train rollin past the stop Darker than the night now, hear the wind blow Until I make back, the highway is my home The place was packed on Friday They were knockin down the door The band was rockin harder, than we ever did before Folks had come from miles and miles They lined up down the block Well just about midnight, we were shut down by the cops Searchin for the convict, where that bird had flown Until I make it back, the highway is my home Rollin down the blacktop well everything’s alright Passed another truck stop well we got a show tonight Then will all be headin back, and we just can’t wait Just another fourteen hours on the interstate Back to California, that’s where I belong The road goes on forever, the highway goes too long