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Trust In Fear (This Romantic Tragedy)

A dream, a fantasy, I cannot believe my eyes, where we've started, where we've been, away from here, back again. The air you breathe could turn to gold, you watch to future unfold, living it up, living it up, don't give up. Where you going' I'm running, I'm hiding, I'm breaking the habit, the end is near, we trust in fear. Tip top I'm waiting to come down, non stop girl. Setting Up The Plot, Sit, Ready To Stay, nonstop girl Say it wasn't nothing but Jumpstart your heart don't loose control, if you've lost faith you've lost it all, I'm stuck between a world unseen, I got to survive this but it's so unreal. Oh no it's getting harder to breathe, the air is getting thin, I've rid of all my sins, and start to reach for the sky. Please stop, please stop, I swear to god, I swear to god, I pray to god, dear god, dear god, please let me go, please let me go. Please lord if you hear me help me. I'm cutting corners trying to get there fast, my tempos slowing down and I know I'm not gonna last. Do you know what you do, what your doing to me' I don't want you to. Why won't you ever let this go'