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Savior (No Motiv)

So here we are again Weæ?®e all fighting it through the day With one more obnoxious ass Thatæ?¯ raining on my parade And God only knows where Iæ?? be Without you To save me from disaster time and time again Weæ?®e two and together Weæ?£l never be defeated Weæ?£l blaze a trail wherever we go Somehow through all these years Iæ?³e managed it on my own With you to stand by me now Iæ?£l never have to show All of the people that are trying to make a wreck Iæ?£l leave the world behind me I'll leave them and not look back Weæ?£l blaze a trail wherever we go Nobodyæ?¯ in our way so letæ?¯ go Right now