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Rule The Blood (Callisto)

Heaving like the waves Between the two you praise A haven found in "true receiving" The worth of grace unknown While roaming on ones own False light is there to blind eyes weary You hang your head in shame Give all you have to give And settle for another day Come and see the truth Through lies you've been fed Weigh the worlds at hand Now which direction will you take? Measure the damage done By flesh and blood and none other Annihilated faith Grim the road of healing Fuel for the flames A bonfire of prejudice will hardly turn to ashes The vanity of man suits this wasteland kingdom Leave the stones and turn your back Graded below from the start Years alone in darkness Faith in man of the word Lit glow into a dead heart Rise, end your earthly strife Call light back into your eyes Your flaws your wrongs and your rights Earn your place in the crowd