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Can't Behave (Peck Danielle)

I got eyes in the back of my head Your halo is turnin’ red Foolin’ around knocking me off my cloud They’re talking about your mischievous ways Boy it’s painted all over your face Stealing a kiss, mysterious whispers A thorn in my pride I’m still by your side but One day I’m walking away The tide is gonna turn I’m gonna find my place Give me a reason to stay I want to be your lover Baby but you can’t behave Remember the days and the Nashville nights What happened to paradise Stolen away and I can’t replace it now Cause rumors are flying That I can’t avoid Are they true or am I paranoid Livin’ like this is drivin’ me crazy So make up your mind You’re running out of time Ease all of my worries Please don’t make me play the fool Baby won’t you hurry You don’t know what you’re gonna lose cause Oh baby but you can’t behave Oh baby but you can’t behave Baby you just can’t behave