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This Is Not Goodbye (Peck Danielle)

Mama and her little guy Barefoot on the driveway in the morning light His Daddy says “I’ll see ya, son” “We’ll be together when summer comes” This is not goodbye I’ll be back in a little while Lift up your head, look me in the eye It’s ok if you need to cry But this is not goodbye It’s hard to start a brand new life He misses Daddy and she’s no one’s wife First day of school, she drives him there He clings to Mama ‘cause he’s just so scared And she says Days turn to years, and he’s now eighteen Wants to see the world, wants to spread his wings She loves him, so she lets him go Before he boards that plane, he lets her know mama Mama’s fading and it won’t be long now He sits beside her, his head is down She says “I’m proud of you, you’re a good man” "I’ll always love you so take my hand and remember This is not goodbye"