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Break Away (Lumidee)

I had to break away from you (From you) And try to get used to me Bein' alone is so brand new I never felt so free Can life allow The fact that you're no Longer thought of It's honesty. Open a book, a picture's there Of us when times were fair Happiness was always so scared To reach us in our pair You left me there Goin' nowhere Of pain I was aware 'Cause it's you that had me there. Chorus x2 I made up my mind so let me go I just wanna let you know This time I know that it's for real I know in my heart that's how I feel. I can't believe how you had me So confused and weak Alone and strong, I can go on to understand my needs Only in your dreams Me and you Could ever be It's honesty. Half the time I was blind (was blind) And I just could not see All the damage that you did You did do to me I held it in It's released I was my own My own therapy. Chorus x2 Bridge I'm gone You need to just move on How could you not see We weren't meant to be. I'm gone You need to just move on You and me no more I'm sorry, it's over. Chorus x2 I'm gone. Poem - Spoken (Sorry, you're on your own with this one....)