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Crashin' a Party (Lumidee)

Yea Yea uh huh And when we come in da club wit 2 stepin like Hands in da air like What What Uptowns up in here like What What We tear up da club and we dont wait all nighters V.I.P insighters Baby its saturday night and im feelin hype dont wanna let this weekend pass me by so I called up my girls Like "Yo lets meet a 12 cuz we out to night" I've been waitin for this night all day me and my girls gonna show this boys how to play cuz I know its gonna be tight but I aint waitin on no damn lines tonight. I feel like crashin a party V.I.P dont try to stop me you can like my stlye but dont copy Ladys let me know if you got me. (2x) Im up in the club the whole hood is there all eyes on my yes im aware so you kno I loves my thugs Remember mike show some love now the croud is jumpin so I make my way to the floor were gonna rock it in every way cuz I dont do this all the time but im feelin the whole vibe tonight You see its summa sunshine its summa rain its some love and some joy and some pain Yo some get lucky really make it in the game while others get locked up for --- my slain see when we come through see they gotta check us You and your lil tetas I'm in my chanchletas and shit my mami chulo love me like menudo who need a pillow Ima sleep on her coolo shit pop that rock that who wore my socks hat yea my own J.LO who could top that im smokin --- still feelin on your --- if it aint a private jet least be first class and uh im always chillin with my lady and dem I got them living hood rich like baby and dem the go woah woah we still together baby we gotta hit up da clubs thats like forever baby