Sparkplug (Idiot Pilot)

Fortunes are running out Through the spectrum, a spectrum You wanna tumble with me? We'll take you out, with election election Don't bother to retreat We'll hold you down, with connections, connections We will not settle till we Follow you down Down Follow you down Sill the sound Welcome back it's erection suspension The comma we've received Has want you down to pretension, retention Please don't argue with me for any count of complexion, complexion We will not settle till we See Have all gone free Well something in the scripture Open a mace to make the face turn round Does it make it look like anyone can fly (stop it) Yea (kill it) Yea I'm pissed around a slide Turn your ass round and Everyone walk to a single space (stop it) Yea (kill it) Yea (stop it) Yea (kill it) Yea [etc] That's probably why I can't stand up now. Follow You Down Down Follow You Down.