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Watching The Clouds (van der Veen Astrid)

the weakest way for the strongest ache it's a relief but in the end it's just a fake it's so worn-out they gave this aberrance a name I could try to change but life will always feel the same to me so we feed ourselves with the leaves of the trees so addictive but the higher they'll grow the more fatal their leaves but on the highest tree I'll hang when I'm done here watching the clouds cause clouds stand in my way always blocking my view a better reason than destiny guess you remind me of what I'll never be we live the same cause in trees we all try to hide yeah we look the same but we're nothing alike inside and I'll tie the noose myself tightly round my neck I long for the end and when it's done I'll never look back and on the highest tree I'll hang when I'm done here eating its leaves oh I long to see the sky with my own eyes cause all I've done my whole damn life is watching the clouds