Truth Or Dare (Interlude) (Total)

"Alright so I'ma start it off" "Kema,truth or dare?" "UM truth" Baby, my darling baby I want to know what turns you on And its so crazy I'll be amazing I wonder if I take you home What you gon do to me? "UM Is it true when you wake up in the morning your panties be crusty?" "Hell no" "Alright your go, your go" "Okay now P what you want" "I'ma go with the dare" "Dare? Oh you messing with me girl?" "I'm going with the dare" "I say 12 o'clock tonight you go outside butt naked, and just run down the street a whole block, no matter what" "What time is it?" "Its about quater to, so get ready girl" "Hello" "Yo who, Kema?" "Yeah what's up?" "Nothing what's up babe what yall doing?" "I thought you was comming over" "Yeah what yall doing I'm on my way" "We Playing truth or dare." "Yo come on man without me?"