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Girl Power (Shampoo)

Girl Power... I Don't Wanna Be A Boy, I Wanna Be A Girl! I Wanna Do Things That'll Make Ya Hair Curl! I Wanna Play With Knives! I Wanna Play With Guns! I Wanna Smash The Place Up Just For Fun! Chorus I Wanna Go Out {Wanna Go Out} I Wanna Party {Yeah!} And Act Like A Child {And Act Like A Child!} If It Sutes Me 'Cause We've Got 'Cause She's Got Girl Power, {We Glower} Coming Home Drunk In The Midnight Hour Girl Power, {We Glower} We Might Look Sweet, But We Wanna Be Sour! I Don't Wanna Go To... I Don't Wanna Go To College Don't Wanna Get A Job Wanna Sit 'Round The House And Act Like A Slob I Wanna Be Evil I Wanna Be Bad I Wanna Drive My Next Door Neighbores Mad!! Chorus x1 'Cause We've Got 'Cause She's Got 'Cause We've Got, Girl Power Girl Power x9