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Jet Lag (Shampoo)

I Can't Go Out Can't be Bothered Staying in Got a Kool Bed But it Was Made for Lying in I Can't get Dressed All My Clothes are in My Case Have a Rest Love to but I'm Off my Face I can't Work Out if it's Night or Day Chorus Nah Nah Playing the Same CD Nah Nah Track-One, Track-Two, Track-Three Nah Nah Flying in From A to B Nah Nah Gonna Make my Brain Bleed Stay up Late to Drag it Out Don't take Offence Don't Know What We're on About Done it Again We've Been Talking all he Night It's 9AM Gotta Catch Another Flight It's Late you Know Yeah it's Time to Go Nah Nah Reading all Our Magazines Nah Nah Take-a-Break, Hello, Jackie Nah Nah Need a Burst of Energy Nah Nah Gonna make My Brain Bleed Don't Wanna Go Don't wanna Go Don't Wanna be Here Don't Wanna Go Don't Wanna Go Don't Wanna Go Playing the Same CD Track-One, Track-Two, Track-Three Flying in From A to B Gonna Make my Brain Bleed