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Star Of The Show (Shampoo)

Change Your Hair Change Your Name You're Still the Same Be a Lad Get the Girls You're Georgie Fame You, You just Ain't Natural Being Kool, it's Not Your Satchel Yeah, yeah - You're so Shaggable Party Dog - Party Animal Chorus Yeah, Yeah, Yeah You're the Star of the Show What a Shame That Nobody Wants to Know You've Got it - Don't Want it Standing Out, Being Loud Get in With the Crowd You'll be Sad to Find Out They Don't want You Around There's no Beef in Your Burger Bun As Milkshakes go - You're a Triple Thick One Flat Coke - You're Bubbles all Gone Cherry Pie - You're Not a Hot One Chorus x2 You've got it - Don't Want it Fashion Sense - That's a Great Big No-No 'Bout as Welcome as Yoko Ono Your Prospects are as Dead as a Dodo You're Hanging on to Your Last Rolo Chorus x2