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Abyss Of Meditation (The Nomad)

Filled with enormous weight of power, I am like a hanging, motionless thunder. Locked and petrified, I remain silent while counting micro moves of my blood Bound by an oath, I am not uncovering myself before the fool. Through the mouth filled with millions of words, try to shout out one word of the spell. Through the bush of millions of answers, try to find the right one. Through the prism of ages, try to save my choices. The light tears apart my earthly cover and like a lava breaks through the shell of the body. Lift me deathly naked fear so I would stop exist in false existence destroy being born lies and with the entire harshness eradicate the stupidity from me. Don't limit my vital power, but guard urgently my starry thoughts. The dusk came, the dawn rose and blackness flashed into stained glass of phantoms. Arrive at the call, oh the Almighty! Speak to me, oh the Cleverest! Appear for me, oh the Inconceivable! I believe in destiny and the driving force, the one which runs in my veins and mind. You are my destiny, the independent existence and the conclusion of this faith