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Demonic Verses (The Nomad)

I'm beyond that what you are I'm rising when you are passing me I'm growing nursed by the power path I can see deeper, because my shoots are growing from the bottom I'm the centre of earth depths Deaf like a scab you can't see anything I'm lightning candles of death somewhere near your dumb lust Friendly graves are humming serenades for me I'm cuddling children hungry for power The row of my sparks is burning right next to your fear You haven't been to me like this, I feel the touch of disgrace I'm always above that what you could think of I'm rising inconceivable, nobody lies to me no more I can see with the depth of what my fear's singing As always I'm thinking in other way, because since the beginning I'm above"Pride - what does it mean in the eyes of victory? My silence isn't a stupidity, but the sign of bravery