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Insurrection (The Nomad)

Hungry eyes like a wind Reproduction blows off naked fields slightly Frozen mouths like a whirl Gusty dance of angry speeches Satiated areas of lit groans Mourning flags The grape picking is coming There is cool rainy dusk Lumped desires are biting Dragged bodies of the torture are stinking It's time to flog the enlightened renovation Graves of battles and bowsRavens of whispers and dying Ad infinitum I'm hitting the name The anger has forgotten about the tornado on dry sands Oh, skies of power Oh, horizon of phantoms Oh, you trampling my hope Oh, you keeping silent in a treeHungry senses - the velvet The fortress choir pulsates Heart of love is like lakes The power is flowing in Echoes are loaded in cannons of freedom Lines of unhappiness are in attributes of conquerors Scandals dug in childhood up Salutes oversounded because of dirties "My friend demon has given wings to me. Like a sage with his wisdom he has calculated the bloody trait of human applauses"