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Mercy Is Fear (The Nomad)

Cicatrized thoughts in torn mind Scattered remains of an awful amok A knife of stupidity cuts powerless bodies My enlightened thoughts and grief Are bleeding in the kingdom of my dream Oh, Lord of eternal waves Oh, Master of every truth Black suns have already died away Now, beyond me down Naked landscape or my mind Is climbing on stairs of living words Dusk lighted up the dawn Streams of my cares calm down Calm down ravished by a wind Iced stream of blood pulsates Pushed by a breath In mercy the fear Look at the world and the way Shepherd of your own fate Betrothed she meddles a stone Wrapped up she throws a voice The cry Roar of the hunger source Time is wind Poisoned like trees The cry Burned in the sun of lies Mercy took the fear away Together I'm lost Up to the world Inks of muddy clouds Winter of thorns of my blood I love to speak at threshold My life is a fog The stigmas already died away I poisoned an old root