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My True Home (The Nomad)

My true home Through the wasteland Wickedness and solitude I flee Through the rotten prophecies I flee To my murky home I flee To chilly walls and broken roots I turn around chasing the illusion I turn around to provoke you , to save a kiss at least …. In the filthy lantern light my chains flashed My fetters tightened close with your flames approach Today, tomorrow or yesterday I will be waiting here , flourishing I’m here for further I can go no more Here with the cross covered With the burden captured I sleep Sleep on a cold tomb , by the gods People and dead metaphors From the fear I flee to the fear My crafty demon cut the umbilical cord Through the world cemetery I flee Through the people junk-yard I flee Old skeletons , cold roots , I found the reflections Empty lakes , I love on the bottom It’s a dream so old , an eternal sound Down the well lives the world Through the glass you touch the years