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Pearl Evil (The Nomad)

Now discover me, you, the deep of the Evil, isolate from the indisputable stupidity which hurt my body, organs and thoughts. Rip my cuffs of the slave to shreds and burn a crown of thorns. Fell this cross whom darkness leaves on me and lighten up with endless desire of the life. Wrap me up in the cocoon of the justice so in my interregnum I'd kill my adversities and stoned my opponents. Surround me in a circle fixtures so I wouldn't walk on my tracks. Undress me from the mortality and take out whole blood from me Crack my skeleton and grind bones to dust. Burn my brain in the blackest flames of the power and throw my eyes into the abyss of cosmic gulfs. Now roll me into the form of the clean, rosy life and glue my enlightened thoughts into one ornament of the knowledge. Now mould my steel-like body into a rule and the independence of the existence. Wrap up the philosophical stone in my eyelids let it wait till I see the absolute. I, so conscious, rising from bogs of the oppressed. I, so enlightened, throwing sparks of the vitality. Me, so foretelling my guesses Me, so unhampered by fear See and put together my flashes in your black eyelid of imagination and uncover yourself before you, child. Aim with desire and join unity of your will