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Raised Irony (The Nomad)

Land of excellence Understanding without care Paradise for the earthly life Let's be blessed... Oh, we belong to you, Lord Oh, we are at your command Oh, insatiable by our death, Oh, insatiable by our incompetence Let's be your eternity Our souls necessity Shell called the skull of worry The mind as the power of destroying Hermitage of the restraint for the timid Unchecked desire for the bold Existence full of contradictions Crowds of exponents of one's sins The huge ear of the god and his tied mouth Slanderer sitting in the memory of defeats Ego called the whim of the owner Meaningless life in the eyes of torturer You cut your bodies being afraid of a future Suffering is balancing your poverty and meanness Dressed in feathers of the nobility Returning respect for the membership Promises, dogma, prophets and stories Everyone misses the leader of your unity Now I know that the Enlightenment preoccupies madmen Appointed in law you throw logs under each other's feet You are one large bloody herd giving back appearances of worshiping For the happiness of the public you put a stab in neighbours' back You dig the dead out to be pleased by an illusion of hope. And where this mast is which holds the sail of pride of living and where is the one giving everything back for nothing? Since still I can hear your cry, what are these all sacrifices worth?...