All Rise For The Rational Anthem (Dillinger Four)

Never been safe to live in contrast They're passing out muzzles With the gas masks This one's for you and all you've done And what we will become When they tear out your throat Because you're singing different notes They call it the "new macarthyism" The only thing that's new Is the name it's coming from Just leave your opinions at the door They're not welcome anymore Extinguish the light in your mind so they can get some sleep Less is never more Hear them knocking at your door Take one for the team Bury what you think Save yourself now Let ideology sink Hypocrisy surrounds Say what you want Don't say it outloud It's not as simple as the last time But everybody suffers When we accept the party line Simple arguments Now accusations of dissent A statement of fact Now there's no chance To turn your back Walking a tight rope So close to falling down You take a wrong step You're tumbling to the ground We've lost our senses And we are falling down