DoubleWhiskeyCokeNoIce (Dillinger Four)

Some times it's simplenet things that make it hard Spoiled baby tee's with credit cards Overtime always on my mind Could have beens eating away inside now Praise God and pass the bottle of Beam Because tonight I can't seem to say what I mean Don't know if I would even if I could, Amen. Somehow this seems like borrowed time Pay it no mind, Everything is find But sometimes I'd rather hear laughter While this whole place died. A Johnny Jump-Up is a lovely thing A pint of cider and some whiskey I had four dead inside of me Just to hear this jack-ass sing his line about How he used to hang out somewhere "back in the day" Knowing terms only an asshole would say So I sat there drinking more Thinking about drinking more Nelson Algren came to me And said clebrate the ugly things The beat up side of what they call pride Could be the measure of what they call pride Could be the measure of these days God save Otis Redding because I know he's never gone As sick falls from this mouth hear me sing it wrong Is it "cigarettes and coffee" now or dreams to be remebered I'll leave regrets for dead and sing along So I'm reaching for the phone, I don't want to be alone I want to get some friends ehre tonight I got a basement full of booze and some blues to lose I'll ignore the whole world tonight It will be alright.