Maximum Piss And Vinegar (Dillinger Four)

I laughed at what was said, I'd been misled, confusing my enemies Blind trust in what was put in front of me You laughed as well, in on the joke, all poker faced Fingers crossed behind your back Eyes not betraying how the deck was stacked And I'd like to be the one to wipe that smile off your face To let you taste the bitterness that passing times has not erased And when the house of cards you built has finally topppled in decline I hope the punishment and pain will last a lifetime You coast along, you're so damn smart you think But not quite invisible, you're in my eye and unforgivable Cuz I'm one step quicker than the last motherf**ker That you thought you got over on but they couldn't wait as long To see it through You'll let your comfort get the best of you You'll never see it coming, out of the blue Like it was nothing, but you will know your situation Because the end was your creation