Mosh For Jesus (Dillinger Four)

A vague expression and a silent motive To take this shithole by the fucking throat And then it's on our hands And that's how the new world began A passing phrase of quiet indignation A molotov to start the conflagration 'Til we've lost our voice we'll make a joyful noise A penny for your treason Is worth a thousand more of hollow freedom The world is feeling twice as cold today And there's no more disguising it's decay All this shit I gotta believe it was an accident A random chance Ignorance, intolerance abounding How could this be a part of any greater plan A new Discussion of an age old question An age old method of towards a new direction When the going's tough We'll bite the hand that feeds Break the fist that abuses Be the voice of truth in a world so truthless And juvenile, a stab in the back with a smile.