Music Is None Of My Business (Dillinger Four)

We are the force to bring another day We are the order in the disarray We are forgiveness and we are love We are the sword and we are the dove And if this thing stops breathing And if this thing blew up today We did it our way The chain reaction is the only truth We push and pull but always stay in place We set our course, now we're just passing through We bred the worst and and so the worst comes true And if this thing stopped turning We wouldn't notice anyway We'll fan it while it's burning Then look for something else to blame We'll take what's left and we'll sell it As little souveneirs, of what before was here You know once we've done it we'll do it again It all starts over, suspicion and an eye for an eye We notice difference and vanity starts setting in Then arrogance, and we're all to pretty to die