Noble Stabbings!! (Dillinger Four)

You like to stand on the other side Point and laugh so self-satisfied Lines drawn so plain and clear to you So plain and clear they distort your view Won't be ashamed of the things I've done Live for myself I can't march to your drum You were lost to me long ago Tried to get past your self righteousness But you kept me below I am not unforgiving But I won't take the fall Let the ashes surround us I am not gonna crawl through Broken glass and razor wire I don't care if yesterday burns Stoke up the fire It's like a shot when you realize Destroying yourself is not a compromise Cut off your nose to spite your face There are some things in life That time can't erase, you know We all choose paths that we know are wrong And live with ourselves When the meaning is gone It could be you, me, anyone But I don't need to feel another's under my thumb In spite of the things you've done, you're left with an army of one In spite of the things you do, there'll be no one left there with you In spite of the things you want, you will get what you're due