Our Science Is Tight (Dillinger Four)

Now it's time It's time to wreck this place It's time to laugh Fuck saving face The only thing we wanna save is the image on your face When I show up at your prom with the ghost of Lester Bangs They yell for "Rock!" And it's a funny thing So did your Dad Does that tell you anything As we huddle 'round our relics Hoping for new ways to sell it Once it helps you to get laid Do you have to, have to kill it? Who the fuck are you? Where did you come from? Is this the way things should be Or just a feast of crumbs? So color us the assholes As you gripe about this scene Celebrating archaic hassles Calling it validity Hold old photos to a lighter Make the colors stand out brighter As you think of times you didn't wonder why And it seemed to make a difference Every move we make is like a contribution A new perspective to be heard And when one runs out of things to say Maybe they should stop