Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public (Dillinger Four)

Wasn't all that long ago When our future seemed like a massive stone Too weak then to lift it Maybe not the brightest bulb But so quickly dismissed it That if you blinked you'd have missed it Left behind and lost the will to try Disengaged and blamed for their mistakes You face the world with open hands But you were left out of their plans You hope you fit the f**king mold A perfect image to uphold Stay with the plan and never stray Or else get lost along the way And you will fall out, fall out There's no room for another way And you learn that every single day 'Till you almost believe it And they put you right there in your place 'Till you spit it back in their f**king face Try to make you a martyr They keep on pushing 'Till you push back harder Branded by the ones above As a hand that doesn't fit the glove Your chances are wasted All they have are some hollow rules And a smokescreen there to keep you fooled They're nothing without it