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Misery (Arise)

Standing in the pale city lights with an empty street infront of me. I'm asking myself if I could have done it better, but I do not have the answer! Do you think that you can change it for the better, well, you are most certainly wrong. Cause I'm leaving it behind me and I will never, never look back! Misery, is all I can offer? Misery, the bitter taste of, Misery, it's all that I recall. I can not stand this misery. I can not wait for death to take me, no, I've made up my mind. I have walked in misery for far to long now. Now I'm closing the door. I have bought my life expensive and it's needless to say that it's killing me. I guess I chose the wrong currency, and it's to late to trade back. My skin seems young but my inside feels rotten and my blood is no longer running. I came in misery and I lived in shame, now I leave in the way I came. 10. Broken Trust