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Feign Submission (Interlude) (Vinnie Paz)

Any time I pull the hammer, it's usually Glock It's usually cocked, it's usually for shooting a cops I'd like to say I'm sober but I'm usually not Usually at the bar with bitches, they salute me a lot And they like to argue whether they a groupie or not Tell me that they intellectual and school me a lot Listen bitch, I ain't checkin' if you stupid or not You just barkin' up the wrong tree, move it or stop I was reading Nabokov, while you was groovin' to pop I was selling Nickel bags an was a student of Pac I was watching Kubrick movies, I was shootin' a lot Had to lie to my mama, wasn't truthful a lot You was stupid thought a bud deuce-deuce was a lot And I never thought a whole bottle of goose was a lot You decide if I'm drunk of that I'm lucid or not I just know that I'm smarter than you and the proof in the pot Stupid Vin-Vin-Vin - Pazienza da ruler Vin-Vin-Vin - and y'all just haters