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Role Of Life (Vinnie Paz)

Life, this role of life This is Rock of Gibraltar rap The Springfield M14 show you where the coffin’s at You motherfuckers don’t belong in rap Fuck with me you got a better chance taking an abortion back You lack flavour, put some sauce on that I went to the Great Wall, put my fist through and walked through that Where this motherfucker’s fortune at? I’mma levitate his body, make it spin like a Laundromat Motherfucker I was born to rap I’ve been making records wild long, never did a song that’s whack How many have accomplished that? I was wild as a young boy, shouldn’t have put moms through that Vinnie Paz been to Nam and back I ain’t never put the guns down cousin so my palms is black You a bitch, I ain’t involved with that I got a big trunk and that’s where Vinnie keep all of his corpses at Life, this role of life Silverback Gorilla walk through the minefield We don’t see eye to eye how you define real Y’all are wondering if I’m out of my mind still I just need some liquor and pills and I’m chill I run with Puerto Rocks, Morenos and vagabonds And Paz will shoot this motherfucker up like Barrie Bonds I’m like a military doctor, Vinnie carry arms My shit is military proper, Vinnie carry bombs I kick in the door like BI did And the automatic weapons look like TI crib Vinnie fat, you’ll never see my ribs I don’t call it loading bullets, I refer to it as feed my kids All I think about is slaughtering y’all This little motherfucker named Charles Hamilton is harder than y’all It’s in the garbage with y’all Listen to all you Myspace rappers, I’m a father to y’all I write in the rain, turn beautiful night into pain I turn life into a frightening game I don’t have love in me, it’s just ice in my veins My fist Hammer of Thor, I Tyson the game This rap shit deep in my heart Y’all was sleep from the start But that just led to unbelievable art And on top of that the god is unbelievably smart My bare fists turn trees into bark Y’all don’t want any improvement at all Y’all are devils, y’all are torturing the rule of law My mind is a computer of war And it’s typically the biggest motherfucker that’ll usually fall Give me one take cousin, the god out A forty of ? and I ride out The forty Glock popping your eyes out Now you never get a chance to see what the god ‘bout