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Shadow Of The Guillotine (Vinnie Paz)

I have heard the young men of Judah. They acknowledge me king As for you, you thought my father's yoke was heavy, wait until you feel mine You thought my father's taxes too high. Mine will crush you How dare you speak out against your lawful king? My father chastised you with whips. I shall use scorpions! I am your king! I stand on top of the mountain, I was a born rapper The house of the Holy Spirit, another long chapter Untouched glory of God, a strong factor The nine laws were bound together from psalms after The Smith & Wesson rubber grip made my palm blacker You're not a MC, pussy, you're a reformed actor Your whole fam is fucked up in Al-Anon matter The chemical wedding of Christ where the gods gather The weapon of the dead gods was a thorn dagger Every verse, every surah in the Qu'ran has a 'Nother scripture, another picture was drawn blacker Arabize Kurdish legacy, the storm catcher The fucking MC you don't wanna perform after The seventh son of the seventh son of his law passer Mercy prevail over wrath from Imam ladder 16 bars similar to God's rapture. They tried to stop me at every level and stress me and send me devils I press 'em like Chevy pedals and shred 'em like heavy metal Whenever settle for a minute of the spotlight Your raps is a gat spitting it ain't shot right I caught some spitting shots to your brain cell So you and George Zimmerman can rot in the same hell Captital Q, stand at odds with the metal ready And level the playing field with the God of the Serengeti Keep your enemies close enough to never fall The victim of a death plot, keep afar and get shot Decapitated heads drop and fall down a flight of stairs Like Apocalypto sacrifices, I wrap the stack prices Like Apple Mac devices, it's real brutal And got that rock steady seal of approval I pray to the heavens, he pray to the east And on the Sunday San Gennaro we parade to the feast, minkya!