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Ahead Of You (The Bates)

Ahead of you It´s not your thing as I ribble without a course break the rules just unexpactables take on your ship but there are no new shows You can couple (?) leaders thats not I can do talk revolutions ev´ry slogan if you think they´re true but there´s a young in Abyss and it´s houngry for you PLEASE BELIEVE ME it´s hungry for me too too yes, it´s true YEAH (3x) (Instrumental) The simple things are quiet complicated yes, I finally know and there´s no right for success No metter for what you go so don´t end with me I have paid for what I´ve heard You can not kiss me up the sea that´s not I can do Spredcomeful lies (?) If you think, they´re true but you better look into the Abyss sincearly it´s hungry for you If you only understood It´s hungry for me too too YES; IT`S TRUE YEAH (3x) (bass) I were weak for you or at your helping hand my own knees are shaken Yeah, I tried to make a stand So good luck (so good luck) I won´t help you before I can I can I can AHEAD OF YOU