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Shadows of Time (Gothic Knights)

For many years I traveled, distant oceans and far away lands Lost cities I have wandered, time slipping through my hands Within these eyes, my past disguised Always set free, lived a thousand lives Through the ages of our being, machine to carry me wherever I decide Explore the human mystery, found the answers lsot in antiquity Drifting through shadows of time Immortal, no hope to cross to the other side My prison this promised land Once a prince, I have conquered, kingdoms now eroded in sand Climbed through a magic portal, cursed by the pharaoh's hand Now just a dream, no one but me Alone to be, till the end of time A ghost, a shadow, a demigod A prisoner, a traveler of space and time Oh pharaoh, pharaoh, new world in time The light of the heavens surrounds me, forces carry me higher Spirits point to me, follow the sign,forces carry me higher To the vortex, the swirling light, curse of eternal light Cannot escape the peril, to the gate of a new world in time Oh pharaoh, pharaoh, new world in time A shadow, a nomad, a man Cursed immortal A new world time